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Billionaire Restuarant - Gammarth

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Billionaire Restuarant - One Visit

A great find in Gammarth!

Billionaire club is a beautiful lounge restaurant club that exudes sophistication and class.

The venue spreads across two floors with the upper level being a great spot to lounge and enjoy an evening beverage with great food. There is a restaurant with a great view too.

We enjoyed the tapas and were very impressed with the quality of food and very affordable drink prices. Great music in the background, along with a DJ that knows the crowd. Staff were all very personable and great fun too.

Service was exceptional and always there to fill your glass.

If you arrive early, you enjoy the beautiful sunsets, although the club doesn't start to get busy until after 10 pm, if you are looking for a beautiful place to relax then arrive from 6 pm and it's all yours.

A local hotspot and ensure you dress to impress, as the venue is also impressive.

Definitely would visit again when travelling through Tunisia, would love to also experience in Summer as has a great beach and pool section, but Winter you will find it very cosy.

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