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Bistro du Vin - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Bistro du Vin - One visit

We love a good wine bar, and Bistro du Vin in Belgrade definitely spoiled us.

The staff were so welcoming and friendly, and we really enjoyed chatting with Bojana and absolutely loved her personality and jokes.

They are true to their name and have an extraordinary collection of fine wines worldwide. A fantastic Gin selection is also available. We selected a wonderful French Riesling.

The food also didn't disappoint, and we were very impressed. We started with a beef carpaccio, which is one of my faves, and it was perfection. Followed by risotto, Belgrade is a fan of risottos. A majority of restaurants have available three or four on their menu. This one was delicious.

Our lovely Bojana surprised us with a delicious dessert, cream puffs. It was light and fluffy and, as you can imagine, divine!

A wonderful design and a great place to chill and dine, indoor and outdoor dining available. We look forward to making our way back to say hello and enjoy another lovely lunch at Bistro du Vin.

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