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Blaznavac - Belgrade

Blaznavac - Two visits

Blaznavac is a fun and quirky cocktail bar. It's a hidden gem in Dorcol, Belgrade.

It's a perfect spot any time of the day, from early mornings with a coffee to afternoons enjoying the sunshine and cocktails.

Look for the neon painted elephant and birdcage at the entrance, quite the eclectic decor, very deceptive, take the time to explore all the nooks and crannies. It is much bigger than you think.

Definitely an insta heaven with the quirkiness decor, very loungy, a cosy spot for everyone. You feel like you are sitting in a cosy backyard full of lush greenery.

A diverse and high-quality cocktails list, It's a blessing that the mixologists don't drown the cocktails in sugar syrup.

The team are warm and welcoming, also bursting with energy and very attentive.

Come for one and stay for a few, with the extensive menu there are lots to keep you busy.

Fun fact: The bar is named after the former owner of the house, Živojinu Blaznavca, who was a manager of the city from 1879 to 1887. They have made great use of the garden and the former stables.

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