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Chinabloom - Bodrum

Chinabloom - Two visits

Finally, a quality Asian dining venue on the Aegean sea in Turkey, Chinabloom in Bodrum, is well worth hunting out. It was incredible; we loved it so much we dined here twice.

Chinabloom is located right at the end of the eating street in the centre of Bodrum, directly opposite the Bodrum marina and yacht club.

Stay strong and bypass all the other restaurant owners trying to talk you into their place (always a bad sign and something that we find annoying, to be honest).

The service is fabulous and very attentive, without being too pushy. The team learned all about our five-month journey around Turkey, especially our extended stays in Asia, with plenty of laughs and smiles.

The menu is Chinese, Japanese and Thai, with an excellent selection of all three cuisines. Where do we begin? The Peking duck is outstanding, not like the typical Hong Kong heart inducing fatty duck; instead, the skin is cooked to perfection, with the fat removed to see the tender meat. While the menu is very extensive, the quality was exceptional, with the chef showing his light touch to all the dishes we sampled. Please don't skip the Japanese beef gyoza; they were delicious!

We ate here twice and honestly wished we had more time to sample more of the menu. Every dish was presented to delight your eyes, while the flavours and freshness of the ingredients ensured we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

The wine list was extensive, and we paired our meal with a French Sancerre, which held up well against all the flavours of the food. The mixologist comes in at 3 pm, allowing you to explore some unique cocktails made with passion.

This restaurant oozes style with a sophisticated and stylish decor that matches the food quality, surrounded by mosaic artwork with portraits of beautiful ladies from each region. You'll be pleased with the views across the marina to the main castle, a perfect location for a slow lunch or watching the lights sparkle across the marina at night.

We found the pricing to be very reasonable, especially some of the gems on the wine list and the quality of cocktails, and not to mention the outstanding level of the ingredients and preparation of the meals. The extra few steps are well worth it when considering the entire package that Chinabloom delivers. We wish we had known about Chinabloom during our visit to Ankara last year.

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