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Enchanting English Channel Coast

Weymouth & Southampton, UK

Following our visit to the shores of Ireland as part of our two-week Western Europe Transatlantic voyage on Celebrity Apex, we sailed the English Channel coast to visit Portland, Weymouth and Southampton in the UK.

Weymouth, Dorset - UK

When visiting a seaside fishing village in the UK, one simply cannot miss out on sampling Fish 'n' Chips. That's precisely what we did as soon as we arrived in Weymouth, a charming and picturesque fishing village in Dorset. The warm and friendly vibes of this place instantly made us feel at home, with the impending Coronation it was a great time to be in the UK to see the fanfare that goes on during the lead-up.

Weymouth is known for its beautiful sandy beach adorned with colourful huts and a picturesque harbour surrounded by inviting English pubs, each with its own unique name.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Mum and Dad by our sides as we travelled from North America to Europe, experienced all these new places together, and created memories. We chose to dine at the Old Rooms Inn, conveniently located by the harbour. We savoured every bite of the fresh fish and chips, accompanied by the obligatory side of peas. Our appetites were truly satisfied!

After our delicious meal, we strolled towards the beach, battling the windy weather. But once we set foot on that beach and felt the precious sand tingling on our faces, we had to admit that our friends from the UK were right – they do have white sandy beaches, too! We even stumbled upon an old-fashioned newsagent, a rare sight these days, where we indulged in some magazines to complete the beach experience.

Our time in Weymouth was too short, but we couldn't leave without witnessing the young ones trying their luck with crab fishing. It was a delightful activity, with children lowering their bait on a string and small net into the water, hoping to catch a crab.

If you have more time in Weymouth, consider visiting the Portland Castle, a UNESCO fort, the D-Day Centre and the WWII Museum. Unfortunately, we missed the D-Day Centre as it closes early.

As our ship sailed away from Weymouth, we were bid farewell by soldiers with a thunderous canon salute – a truly memorable departure from this charming village. Only a bite-sized taste of this region, but full of charm, great food, and views, and we know there are lots more to experience and enjoy. Weymouth, you are a little UK favourite.

Southampton, HAMPSHIRE - UK

Our next stop was Southampton, a bustling port city that holds a deep connection to WWII, having served as a staging area for the D-Day attack. This vibrant city is filled with history, endless shopping opportunities, great restaurants, and superb pubs. As our ship docked close to the heart of Southampton, we took the morning to catch up on work and then set off to explore the old city.

Southhampton is also where my Mum sailed from when she was only four years old with her family from Finland to migrate to Australia; visiting the same port together was a memorable experience.

Walking around Southampton, we couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity. The beautiful pubs, cobblestone streets, and scattered old buildings and churches reminded us of our time living in London. And the accents surrounding us added to the comforting ambience.

We wanted to experience the city in a way we knew best for lunch. That's when we stumbled upon a fine-dining Chinese restaurant in a stunning old bank building. With Peking Duck as their signature dish, we knew we were in for a treat. And to complement the meal, we couldn't resist ordering our favourite cocktail, an Espresso Martini. The ambience, decor, food, cocktails, and service were exceptional – a true delight for the senses.

After the satisfying lunch, we decided to freshen our hairstyles with a trim at a local barbershop. The barbers, who were from Lebanon and shared our passion for travel, made the experience even more enjoyable. And at just £15 each, we walked out feeling delighted with our new look.

As we made our way back to the ship, we couldn't resist stopping by a cosy inn for a refreshing G&T. In fact, one drink just wasn't enough – we ended up having two. We enjoyed chatting with the inn's team and listening to their stories.

As evening fell, we embarked on the ship again, sailing past the Isle of Wight over dinner as we headed down the English Channel toward France. Southampton had left us with fond memories of historical charm, culinary delights, and heartwarming encounters along the way.

Weymouth and Southampton offered us a taste of the UK's rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. We can't wait to explore more of what this country has to offer in the future.

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Mar 04

The British, Scottish and Irish have the best pubs ever. Cant beat their ambiance.

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So true!

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