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Endorfin Restaurant - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Endorfin - Five visits

Endorfin is the culinary journey you have been searching for in Belgrade, tucked away in a quiet pocket of a beautiful tree-lined street in Dorcol and a heartbeat from the famous pedestrian street in the centar.

Perfect for all seasons, as you can enjoy the summer breeze outdoors, with the sunshine being filtered by the trees. On those colder days, you can enjoy a cosy meal indoors.

The lovely chef continues to delight your senses with all his creations, each dish is mouthwatering and prepared exquisitely. He previously worked at the incredible Langouste Restoran and is definitely an up and coming shining star.

The menu is full of comfort food to succulent steaks, and healthy options too, something for everyone. The gnocchi is incredible, and the duck is a must-do as well.

The restaurant has a family feel, so you feel incredibly welcome, and the warm energy is infectious. The service team is very attentive, super kind, and loves guiding you through the menu and recommended wines.

Be sure to experience the cocktails; they are the perfect ending to your delicious meal.

Endorfin is the perfect choice for a long lazy afternoon lunch. The kitchen is open all day long and delivers a very consistent quality of food no matter time of day.

You can enjoy the warm and friendly energy of the locals, and it is also perfect for watching the latest Serbian fashion trends.

We love Endorfin so much, the ambience, the food and the team; we have dined three times in a few weeks and will be back for more.

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