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Enso Restoran - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Enso Restoran - One visit

Enso Restoran came highly recommended by friends in Belgrade, as a Michelin star dining experience.

A place you visit as a destination restaurant, as the location leaves a little to be desired, located off a busy road, but the setup has been designed to ensure you have the privacy of a fine dining establishment.

We feel this is definitely more of a dinner establishment as opposed to a long lazy lunch restaurant. During the hot summer days of Belgrade, unfortunately, the comfort isn't there, due to no air conditioning or fans, inside and outdoors. This did cause us to shorten our typical long lazy lunch due to the level of comfort.

When charging a higher premium for food and wine, you do expect the little extra luxuries to ensure you can enjoy the experience. Update: Good news, since our visit we have been notified by the restaurant that it is in fact air-conditioned and it was out of action during our visit, so you can be assured the temperature will be comfortable to enjoy the full dining experience.

Front of the house go out of their way to make you feel welcome and very attentive service, unfortunately, the back of the house just needs that little bit of extra effort, although we suspect during the evening you will receive the experience that you expect.

The food was good, and plated beautifully, unfortunately, the steak was served rare as opposed to medium as requested, overall felt a little rushed, even though we were the only guests dining that day.

The Interior indoors is stunning and huge marks for our very attentive and friendly waiter, he definitely made our day. Definitely still recommend the restaurant, as honestly feel you will receive an amazing experience for dinner during the cooler months.

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