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Exploring Finland's Historical Heart

Our next sightseeing destination in Finland was a short train trip to Hämeenlinna from Riihimäki, a city of about 68,000 inhabitants in the heart of the historical province of Tavastia and the modern province of Kanta-Häme in the south of Finland. Founded in 1639, it is the oldest inland city and was one of the most important Finnish cities until the 19th century.

We all set out on a day trip to this beautiful village, only 20 minutes by train from Riihimäki. We enjoyed the peaceful morning walk to the train station by Topparoikka, an impressive statue of the St.Petersburg-Riihimäki railway that was opened in 1870.

The Riihimäki train station was impressive. The quality of restaurants in European stations is far superior to that of the fast-food outlets in Australia.

Hämeenlinna town was quaint and peaceful, with a lake running through the centre. There are 339 lakes in whole or in part in the city of Hämeenlinna. We all loved exploring this beautiful village on foot; you could understand why the locals chose it as their home. 

Hämeenlinna is also the home of the Häme Castle, Finland's first women’s prison, which is now a tourist attraction. The castle is a medieval castle that was most likely built during the late 13th century to serve as a military base between Sweden and Novgorod. At the end of the Middle Ages, it was governed by some of the most influential Swedish houses, the Tott, the Sture, and the Posse.

On the way to Hame Castle, you can stop at Museo Militaria and enjoy the outdoor exhibition area, which features cannons from the 1870s to the 1980s.

Once the walking and exploring with the family was over, Wayne and I stumbled upon this absolute gem of a wine bar and restaurant called Ravintola Uoma. It was a perfect end to a day of exploring Hämeenlinna—a sun-kissed patio, a bottle of vino, and the feeling of pure relaxation washing over us. It was magic. The wine list left us spoiled for choice, and we settled on the perfect bottle to complement our laid-back afternoon vibes.

When it was finally time to catch our train back to Riihimäki, we left feeling content, refreshed, and grateful for the little moments of magic that make travelling so unique, capturing the last glimpses of the city as we were bound for the station.

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It is a special day of discovering more of Finland, and next up, we explore Turku and Helsinki.

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Looking incredible Sal, you guys look so happy :)

Wayne Schmidt
Wayne Schmidt
4 days ago
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Loving the life of exploring!

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