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Feke Kalesi - Feke

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Feke Kalesi - One visit

Finally, a place where Game of Thrones wasn't filmed has remained off the tourist map and no tacky souvenir shops!

This is a must-see; you won't get the same experience in another five years.

I recommend parking near the wooden sign pointing to the castle (space for two or three cars).

We had the entire ruins to ourselves.

The castle is perched high up on a mountain and truly is imposing, especially considering that what is left is only ruins. (Aerial image below was provided by our host, a great representation of where we were).

This is entirely natural, so no steps, no signs, no rubbish or pollution (yet), you'll need to scramble up a steep embankment to find the path leading into the entrance (currently unlocked).

It was initially built in the 12th century to control the caravan route, built for the first time by the Byzantines and then used by the Seljuks. It shows a rectangular plan. It has eight bastions and a watchtower. Today, more than half of these bastions are buried in the ground.

Traces of building remains inside the castle. We explored the ruins currently being repaired (currently on hold due to Covid).

The views from this are simply awe-inspiring, and photos/videos don't capture that feeling you'll experience.

The silence and solitude with magnificent 360-degree views ensure this will be a highlight of our adventures in Turkey.

Please don't bring children unless you're prepared to lose one, as there are no safety barriers, and the rocks underfoot make walking a true adventure.

You rarely get to experience such beauty alone in a country with high tourism.

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