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Gradska Meana - Vranje

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Gradska Meana - One visit

The restaurant that transports you back in time, an authentic Serbian restaurant in Vranje located in a historic townhouse.

Meana is the most visited restaurant in Vranje and a favourite amongst locals and travellers. It truly has the most tranquil garden dining area.

Recommend to book, as it fills up very fast and due to the nature of the restaurant being a place for families and friends to gather and socialise, the tables do not turn over fast.

We were fortunate to arrive just before the lunch crowd gathered and were seated on one of the last remaining tables.

As this is a local restaurant, they only have one menu in English, and very little is spoken amongst the staff, so you truly have a unique experience. The staff were charming and welcoming.

The menu is pages of traditional dishes, and the wine list was also extensive, full of Balkan treasures at excellent prices.

A fantastic array of grilled meat dishes, which were on top of everyone's list, is their speciality. We enjoyed the tasty food, and be sure to try the delicious homemade bread.

Best to order your dishes up front, as the kitchen and staff are bustling and service is impacted due to the restaurant's popularity. We did wait for over one hour for our main dish. Therefore we recommend putting all your orders through on arrival. We generally like to order one dish at a time.

A beautiful dining experience, one that needs to be on your list when visiting Vranje.

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