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ice Q Restaurant - Solden

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

ice Q - Two Visits

Very James Bond.

We couldn’t have asked for a better restaurant to celebrate our NYE lunch in Austria. We booked Ice Q well in advance (six months) to ensure we secured a table for the afternoon. We even scored the corner table with an incredible view.

The wine list was incredible, with some great local wines, and the sommelier was fabulous at guiding you through it.

The food did not disappoint; we thoroughly enjoyed all our selections; we opted for a martini for dessert as we could not fit any more food in, but when in the exact location where James Bond was filmed (Spectre), what does one do, what does one do?

We stayed in Innsbruck, so we caught the train and bus to Solden, which took about 1.5 hrs and then the cable cart to the restaurant, another 20 mins (Bus/train 20 euros and cable cart 40 Euros pp). Overall, food and wine were reasonably priced, and we escaped at 500 euros for lunch but enjoyed a nice bottle of champagne and Austrian wine.

I recommend a visit, especially on a perfect sunny day like the one we were lucky enough to experience after coming from Australia.

Update: two years later, we dined at Ice Q again.

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