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Josephine - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Josephine - Two visits

Our first lunch in Belgrade, Serbia, was at this wonderful restaurant and cocktail bar called Josephine.

Opulent and modern design inspired by the fabulous 1920s Art Deco style and Première icône Noire Josephine Baker, a restaurant and cocktail bar.

You first enter the cocktail bar to be greeted by the lovely hostess, which transports you instantly back to the 1920s, absolutely stunning. Followed by the dining room and amazing outdoor dining in the beautifully designed garden under the trees.

We were then seated in the dining room, very cosy and full of natural light. Our friendly waiter Nikola was an absolute delight, and we felt very spoilt by the exceptional service levels.

The wine list is exemplary, full of local and wines worldwide, including a great selection of champagne, which we couldn't pass up to celebrate our arrival in Belgrade, followed by an Austrian Riesling.

The food set the bar high for our first dining experience in Belgrade. It was mouthwatering, especially the roast chicken, so tender and moist, served with roast vegetables.

We couldn't leave without sampling the cocktails, as we did hear they have one of the best mixologists in the city, and again we were very impressed.

Wayne's birthday lunch was also celebrated at Josephine, and the magical dining experience continued. We explored more of the menu, both wine and food and absolutely loved our journey.

Service from our friendly Nikola was exceptional, and he took us on a food journey to surprise and delight. The watermelon carpaccio definitely played with our thoughts as we guessed the type of meat being served.

Our lunch in the garden ended with another surprise, a birthday dessert for Wayne (and myself). This was a perfect ending to yet another amazing dining experience at Josephine.

We will definitely be back to enjoy another lazy lunch at Josephines, and we absolutely love the positive vibe, beautiful setting, friendly service and food, along with being a local hotspot.

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