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Joy's Home Restaurant - Pattaya

Updated: Jan 23

This is a delight, and the food is spectacular.

Joy's Home is a must-visit, and it is a small restaurant in Wong Amat Beach and Joy, the owner, is a waitress and cook. She is an absolute delight and will make sure your visit is memorable.

You will need a little patience, but it is worth waiting, so don't give up on her, as Joy not only takes your order (great at recommending, too) but will cook it fresh. Don't worry; she ensures you have your drinks to keep you busy first. Thai and Italian food is superb, and she is also great with dietary requirements.

The pizzas are perfect, with a lovely thin crust and are delicious.

You can get cheap wine by the glass or carafe at very affordable prices.

We have visited Joy's Home a few times and have loved giving back to a local businesswoman; she is passionate, has fantastic English, and her restaurant is like eating in her Home; she makes you feel welcome.

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