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Karafaki Restaurant - Gumusluk

Stay strong and resist the other restaurant owners trying to lure you into their establishment. Karafaki Restaurant Gümüşlük, the one with the lighted boned fish sign above the entrance, is worth visiting.

They have excellent service owned by brothers, and their passion and high level of customer service shine through. They are very understanding; you could see the disappointment when my hubby ordered the sizzling beef (which didn't disappoint) instead of a freshly caught fish dish.

With so much competition, all the restaurants need to serve the freshest fish, and Karafaki Restaurant delivers a range of beautiful, tasty fresh fish cooked to perfection. For Wayne, the sizzling beef was a welcome relief from all the fish meals he has been exposed to in our recent travels! I'm trying to convert my hubby, but it is a slow process (nearly 20 years)!

We started with a starter of the most delicious cheese-filled mushrooms and fried calamari. I enjoyed the fresh fish; it was filleted, deboned and served with a beautiful fresh salad, which was complimentary, which was very thoughtful.

All the restaurants have a similar look and feel; they are beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and white decor, a real greek vibe; however, an insider's tip, walk upstairs. You'll be rewarded with fewer people and a more impressive view of the bay.

Typical pricing for ordering fresh fish caught directly in front of you.

There is a small wine list, and slightly more expensive than others along this small restaurant strip.

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