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Kepler Marin - Cesme

Kepler Marin - One visit

Wow, seriously, this place in Cesme Marina makes the best cocktails we've experienced in a long time while travelling through Turkey. Come for the food, but be sure to stay for the cocktails!

Again that warm, fun and friendly Turkish service shine through, and you will enjoy the banter with the team and the attentive service.

We enjoyed perfectly cooked mouth-watering juicy steaks, simply divine. The menu is well rounded, including various meat and seafood dishes, and the hot spicy chicken wings were a treat.

We loved the style of this restaurant/bar, the great vibe, views of the calming marina and tunes in the background. We noticed several digital nomads working away while having a coffee and enjoying the view, which was very laptop-friendly.

You are blessed with a very creative mixologist who is prepared to go outside the box and make some unique tasting cocktails; you will stay for two or three (each)! They also have a very dependable wine list with a variety of options.

You will be impressed by the pricing for the quality of food and meals and exquisite cocktails using high-quality spirits.

Kepler Marin is located in the heart of the charming Cesme Marina, a wonderful place to wander around and enjoy the surroundings and nearby shops.

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