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Kiwi Restaurant - Kusadasi

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Kiwi Restaurant (Ladies beach) - Three visits

You know you're on a good thing when you visit the same restaurant three times over your one week stay in Kusadasi, Turkey. Not only do you become friends with the team, but you find other travellers coming back so that it becomes a social hub for good times.

As you walk down the beautiful sidewalk nestled above Ladies beach, you're spoilt for choice.

However, you will need to remain strong and not be lured into the more casual eateries along the street, but be sure to stop at Kiwi Restaurant. Insiders tip for Kiwi Restaurant, despite what everyone else does, eating just indoors at the edge affords you a better view of the Aegean Sea and some extra nice touches like cloth napkins.

The restaurant has recently been fully refurbished and furnished with high-quality furniture indoors and outdoors, and they have the perfect lounge chairs to relax, drink and watch the sunsets.

Where do we begin? By the end, the chef was serving our food simply because we all enjoyed the dining and conversations so much. Nothing beats being greeted with a big hug and smile as you walk into the restaurant by the entire team; we truly felt like family.

The menu will accommodate everyone with an extensive selection, but you can be assured it is of excellent quality. All food is freshly prepared, including top quality meats being a standout. Kiwi Restaurant devotes itself to how fresh the produce is, and it's cooked with a light touch but perfection by the chefs. Think juicy steaks, or mouth-watering lamb, alongside freshly home-made pasta or pizza, succulent, moist prawns or freshly caught fish. Each dish was delicious, but do try the Mexican cuisine too!!

The wine list is minimal; however, the premium wine goes perfectly with the food they serve and is competitively priced.

The lovely barman is always happy to make your favourite cocktail and has a couple of tricks up his sleeve that will make you sit back and soak up the sun and magnificent views. One more will always lead to a few more, served with a smile and laugh.

Pricing is very reasonable, especially considering the quality and consistency of the food, service and that picture-perfect view. Be sure to take in a few sunsets; they are truly magical.

A special thank you to the wonderful boys who welcomed us with open arms each visit; you each hold a special place in our hearts.

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