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Klub književnika - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Klub književnika - One visit Step back in time to an era of exquisite fine dining with Parisian vibes. This beautiful restaurant exudes class and is tucked away in a quiet tree-lined street in the heart of Belgrade.

The restaurant is housed in a beautiful home built in the mid-19th century, with stunning decor and a wonderful ambience.

Exceptional service, you are greeted with smiles and positive energy from the entire team. Our waiter was an absolute delight and understood our dining preferences instantly, slow and steady to enjoy our lazy long lunch.

A menu that tempts your tastebuds with bursts of flavours as the chef takes you on a journey, traditional Serbian cuisine, all ingredients sourced locally.

We dined our way through the afternoon and were incredibly impressed by each and every choice. We can't wait to return and continue the journey and sample more of the delicious dishes.

Well-selected wine choices complement the cuisine. The menu is very extensive, with a wonderful variety of local wines to satisfy everyone's palate. All your favourite cocktails are available too.

We absolutely loved our dining experience, especially outdoors under the leafy glass-enclosed atrium. We cannot recommend Klub književnika highly enough.

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