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Kose Kahve - Alacati

Kose Kahve - One visit

Köşe Kahve is the perfect Sunday brunch cafe in the heart of Alacati, full of locals and weekenders. During the warmer months and high season, you will want to get in early to beat the crowds.

The team is friendly, and the service is very efficient. We loved the team's full personalities and how they enjoyed bantering with the guests and having a laugh.

You are spoilt with a lovely outdoor seating area on the cobblestones to soak up the sunshine and beautiful surroundings, or you can also choose to cozy up indoors by the warm log fire.

The menu is very extensive and affordable, something for everyone. We ordered the burgers a cheeseburger and couldn't go past the chicken schnitzel, and they were substantial. Our suggestion would be to start with one to share.

Never before would we bother to mention the water, but this is worthy. Your sparkling (yes water) is accompanied by a crystal glass full of freshly cut fruit, seriously almost a mocktail.

Coffee and freshly squeezed juices and lemonades were a treat too.

The atmosphere and decor had a cozy Mediterranean vibe, and it was complete with the team's energy.

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