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Matka Canyon Boat Cruise - Matka

Cruising deep in the Matka Canyon on a luxury pontoon cruise is a must-do experience.

We opted for the morning around 10 am, and it was the perfect time to enjoy the canyon before the tourists arrived.

You are cruising the canyon on your own, and it was very relaxing soaking up the magical views and having the lake to yourself.

Matka Canyon Boat Tours are located next to the Canyon Matka Hotel & Restaurant and the hotel can organise if you are staying with them.

The duration of the cruise is only one hour for the return trip, and very affordable on a luxury pontoon at 500 denar - €8 each (normally 750).

You also visit a cave called Vrelo Cave, it is only a two-minute walk from the water's edge up some stairs, you spend 20 minutes touring the cave before returning to the boat.

The cave is well lit up for safety and the stairs were easy and suitable for most ages to explore, it is also free to enter.

The boat captain is well versed in five languages (including English) and has a very warm and friendly nature, you will enjoy the trip chatting away.

Another fun activity is to kayak through the canyon, ideally during the morning if you want to avoid the tourists, it is a popular activity and place to visit.

Definitely recommend cruising with Almata Prima Kayak Rental And Boat Tours during your visit to Matka Canyon to experience the pristine waters and grand canyon views.

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