• Sal Schmidt

Meating Brasserie - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 7

Meating Brasserie - Two visits

A wonderful brasserie in Belgrade, with a great collection of wines just on the fringes of the city, and a great place to enjoy a quality glass.

We can imagine this place jumping during the cooler seasons, live music will keep you entertained whilst enjoying a fabulous wine or Rakija.

The team are very welcoming and friendly, Overwhelmed by the gift of a 25-year Rakija whilst we were shopping for wines by the bottle, a broad range of international wines, especially European.

The decor was beautiful, with a private dining room for a group of 8. Booths in the main bar to just chill out and soak up the atmosphere.

Closed for food during the summer, but come autumn they will have excellent dining options available to compliment your wine.