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Miss Wong Cocktail Bar - Siem Reap

Updated: Jul 8

Tucked away in the bustling alleys of Siem Reap, Miss Wong Cocktail Bar offers a step back in time to the glamour of 1930s Shanghai. With its intimate lantern-lit setting, the bar envelops visitors in an opulent red and black decor that is both serene and sultry. This hidden gem in the heart of Cambodia presents a perfect escape from the often chaotic nightlife of Siem Reap.

Miss Wong Cocktail Bar - Siem Reap

Upon entering Miss Wong, you're immediately drawn into a different world. The Chinese lanterns glow softly, contributing to the mystique and old-world charm. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, allowing for intimate conversations. It's an ideal spot for couples seeking a quiet evening and small groups looking for a sophisticated night out.

Miss Wong pays homage to classic cocktails with a twist of Asian flavour. The drink menu is a crafted collection with libations like the 'Indochine Martion' – a blend of gin, lemongrass, and lime—and the 'Shanghai Express', which features whiskey and star anise. Each cocktail is not only a treat to the taste but also a spectacle of presentation, enveloped in the artistry of the skilled bartenders.

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