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MR. WOW - Vienna

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

MR. WOW - Two Visits

#Vienna #Austria #Europe

Go for the amazing and unique Peking duck created by chef Demir Babali.

This is part of 1o1 (One of One) stands for something unique, one of a kind. Martin Ho embedded five concepts into an extraordinary location in the heart of Vienna.

Based on the three pillars of cuisine, art and music, the 18th-century building has been transformed into a pulsating meeting place.

If you're lucky try to get the beautiful table on the small Juliet balcony, for an amazing perspective of a typical Vienna street.

A grandiose staircase in the centre leads the way up to five rooms with different architectural highlights and individual design themes.

A great solid wine list and allow time for a beautifully made pre-dinner cocktail by Jolien.

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