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Mullixhiu - Tirana

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Mullixhiu - One Visit

A destination and experience restaurant, be warned you need to book to ensure you get a table.

We had Mullixhiu on our google maps list of restaurants in Albania, and decided to celebrate Sal's birthday lunch there, we were incredibly impressed. Not only for the warm and friendly service, but also a big thank you to Bledar for taking the time to share your philosophy and wonderful experiences.

The owner and executive chef Bledar Kola's philosophy is to show more of the traditional style of food from Albania, it truly is authentic, never have we felt so wonderful after a 4-course meal.

Bledar was trained at  Noma, Pied à Terre and Le Gavroche, member of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance and also worked alongside an Australian chef in the UK so recognised us immediately as Aussies.

We were also gifted with a beautiful birthday dessert and homemade Rijeka - a perfect birthday lunch.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and the food was excellent, local wines, great value and we walked out with spring our step, the food was definitely filling but light and all-natural.

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