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Palya Cafe - Adalar

Palya Cafe - One visit

Palya Cafe (downstairs from Palya Restaurant) is a casual cosy shisha bar and cafe where you can absorb the sunset views of a distant Istanbul over the sea of Mamara whilst enjoying a beverage of your choice, along with a hookah.

We were greeted with big smiles and warmly welcomed to take the best seats in the house to make the most of the view.

We enjoyed meeting the team, especially a young man who recently arrived from Afghanistan, Hedayat. He is an absolute delight to chat with, exuding positive energy and listening intently to his stories. It was indeed an eye-opening conversation, and we were blessed to meet such a lovely young man and have stayed in touch.

The lovely guests from Iran regularly intervened to take pictures together. We had so much fun getting to know each other, taking photographs, switching Instagrams and conversing by Google Translate. Meeting some gorgeous Iranians has moved Iran up on our must-see places to visit. The Iranians are incredibly friendly, hospitable, kind and have an infectious appetite to learn from you and hear all about your experiences. (This continued throughout our stay in Adalar, it was adorable).

We were not only popular with the Iranians, but we also made a new furry friend. The resident kitten was very excited to meet new faces and was very playful and craving attention.

We very much enjoyed our evening watching the sunset and meeting so many beautiful people from all parts of the world.

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