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PenthouseLux Airbnb - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

PenthouseLux - Two nights

You can't win them all. This was one that definitely didn't align with the nightly value ($166AUD), reviews and description of the property and facilities.

We had much higher hopes for the location, but after our taxi driver struggled to find it after 20 minutes of driving around the building blocks, we soon realised it wasn't our desired location and was not in the heart of New Belgrade; it was 20 minutes walk.

Upon arrival into the apartment, we know not to judge an apartment by the facade, but this building was in distress, and the rooftop oasis we were expecting didn't quite meet our expectations.

We instantly decided only to stay two nights (from four) and quickly popped in to collect groceries to keep us locked away for a few days. We were honestly uncomfortable with the neighbourhood; it was very remote and a 20-minute taxi ride from the Centar of Belgrade.

The apartment is as the pictures published, although much more tired and worn. The white leather couch now is a soft brown complemented by cracked leather, and cushions were also soiled and needed to be replaced.

The cleanliness was the only surface clean, and the kitchen cupboards were definitely in need of a spring clean and declutter; they were full of bits and pieces. We quickly started on the mission to clean out the cupboards and wash all the dishes.

The bar fridge/freezer was also in need of a defrost, as it was full of ice and no longer was freezing goods.

The apartment listing confirmed a microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker and washing machine, of all which were missing. The washing machine was in the bathroom but was not yet connected, nor had the pipes available to connect, so unworkable.

The terrace rooftop was beautiful, and we were looking forward to sunbaking for a few days, but that soon became difficult as the sunbeds were damaged and broken.

The views were not as described. The river views were snippets peaking through the trees from a distance.

Unfortunately, this Airbnb was one of the first to let us down. We were pleased to have checked out early and head back to old Belgrade, the neighbourhoods we have become to know well and love.

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