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Portiku Wine Bar & Bistro - Durres

Portiku Wine Bar & Bistro - One visit

Exceptional service, food and wine. We decided on Portiku for our Friday lazy lunch and it exceeded our expectations. If you are a meat lover this is the place for you.

From the excellent wine list, warm and friendly service to the mouthwatering food, we chose this restaurant for the steak (and of course the wine) and it was incredible.

We felt at home and we received more Albanian generosity and kindness, we definitely enjoyed our lazy lunch!!

We kicked off with some delicious champagne, as we ordered steak we were happy to see they also had a selection of half bottles, so we enjoyed a delicious red wine.

The restaurant is surrounded by the original city wall, it runs straight through the restaurant. you even have glass-covered floors to enjoy the historical digs.

Highly recommend dining at Portiku, a very special place in Durres and the food was a culinary journey.

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