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Rediscovering Prague

Returning to Prague after 17 years between visits, we were delighted by the transformation we witnessed; you have come a long way.

Prague, the enchanting capital of the Czech Republic, is gracefully divided by the Vltava River. Aptly nicknamed "the City of a Hundred Spires," it is famed for its picturesque Old Town Square, a vibrant hub showcasing colourful baroque structures, stunning Gothic churches, and the intricate medieval Astronomical Clock that performs a captivating show hourly. Not to be missed is the pedestrian-friendly Charles Bridge, adorned with statues of revered Catholic saints, offering a timeless connection between Prague's historic quarters.

Despite the busy tourist scene, we found pockets of peace and tranquillity around every corner. When it came to gastronomy, Prague truly exceeded our expectations. The city boasts a world-class culinary scene, complete with delectable wines and cocktails that are sure to impress.

Our Airbnb was magical; we were welcomed by a beautifully renovated apartment that exuded charm and tranquillity. The space was generously sized, allowing sunlight to stream in, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. From our vantage point, we enjoyed serene views of a peaceful courtyard adorned with a lush tree teeming with vibrant green leaves and lively birdlife. The location was ideal, nestled in the city's heart and just a stone's throw away from the main square, ensuring convenience and a sense of being at the centre of all the action.

Our first day was to enjoy the culinary delights of the city. After kindly being accepted into La Degustation, we were settled in for five courses accompanied by a delicious local Chardonnay. After being spoilt with effortless but delightful dishes, we gently nudged the waiter for the best cocktail bars in Prague and left with a healthy list.

Mid-afternoon was spent strolling along the river, navigating to the obligatory tourist site, the Charles Bridge. We then started on the exclusive cocktail list and set our sights on one called Black Angels (No photos allowed); upon entering and descending the old wooden stairs, we found ourselves in a prohibition 1920s-themed bar, precisely what we had been hoping for and one that reminded us of our old haunts in Melbourne such as Polly and The Alchemist. The cocktails were spot on, and we spent the evening sampling many and meeting many new friends, locals and from abroad. We followed this with a nightcap in an exclusive private club tucked away in a cave underground; it was a fun first night in Prague; we even met a fellow Aussie!

On our last day in Prague, we eagerly ventured through the charming cobblestone streets, accompanied by Mum and Dad, determined to visit all the must-see attractions and absorb the stunning architectural wonders surrounding us.

As afternoon approached, we sought a serene setting to indulge in a leisurely lunch. Our choice fell upon Marina Ristorante, a delightful establishment offering delectable Italian cuisine. With a table perfectly positioned by the river, we relished the front-row views of the iconic Charles Bridge and the vibrant activity that thrived on the water, particularly on this lively Friday afternoon. The menu tempted us with an array of options, but we unanimously opted for the steaks, and they exceeded our expectations. The high-quality beef steaks were perfectly cooked to temperature, and these juicy cuts were a sensory delight, leaving us completely satisfied.

Following lunch, we couldn't resist the allure of a horse-drawn carriage ride through the bustling Friday crowds of Prague. Not only did it provide a respite from the chaotic energy on the ground, but it also afforded us a unique perspective on the city's stunning sights. As the carriage rolled along the shiny cobblestoned streets of the city square, the gentle sound of the horse's hooves created a beautiful melody that complemented the beauty of our surroundings. It was a truly insightful and memorable experience that allowed us to appreciate Prague's charm and culture in a way that only a horse-drawn carriage ride could offer.

Following our enjoyable horse-drawn carriage ride, we settled into a cosy bar called Danielas by Barock, which we had picked out during the ride. It also turned out to be a stunning restaurant, and we lucked out with the best seat in the house for some prime people-watching. It was as if the universe had saved that table just for us!

As we bid adieu to Prague, we clinked glasses and savoured the flavours of a couple of delightful cocktails, toasting the unforgettable memories we made in this captivating city. It was the perfect finale to our Prague escapade!

Don't be afraid to step away from the main square and be surprised by the hidden little gems you will be spoilt with. The city is a Michelin guide heaven for foodies, and we are already planning our next trip for a culinary trek through the city. Prague, you have won us over and shown us how to escape from the hoards of travellers alike and still enjoy the magic of this historical wonder in just three days!

Let's talk about our previous trip to Prague back in 2007.

Back then, the stag parties were quite the scene. Unfortunately, this is still prevalent and lingers, but we've noticed a remarkable transformation! The gastronomy scene has stepped up, offering more refined and diverse food options. It's exciting to see the shift towards cocktail bars, a thriving café culture, and a renewed focus on the city's stunning architecture, history, and leisurely people-watching.

We've seen a brilliant evolution unfold in Prague, with slow, indulgent lunches and relaxed moments becoming an integral part of the city's vibe. It's like the city has embraced a more sophisticated and nuanced approach to hospitality, creating a more enriching experience for locals and visitors.

Let's take a little trip down memory lane; here is a collection of photos from Prague in 2007, our first trip:

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