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Royal Putnik Hotel - Vranje

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Royal Putnik Hotel - Four nights

Royal Putnik Hotel in Vranje, Serbia is five stars all the way, a perfect introduction to Serbia.

Upon arrival, you are welcomed with open arms. The staff are incredibly friendly, full of smiles and helpful in every aspect.

We booked the suite with a terrace, and it was beautiful, very spacious, and the detail was exceptional, very luxurious and modern.

The bed is heavenly, great blinds and extremely quiet to allow you to sleep in for as long as you wish.

The terrace has a wonderful view over the valley, and you are surrounded by all the green trees and nature of Vranje.

The room is fully serviced every day, no matter what time. It was a nice surprise to experience a full service, which has been few and far between during our stays in Macedonia.

You are spoilt with a fantastic restaurant and bar on the rooftop, with indoor and outdoor dining. Serving amazing food, an excellent wine list and cocktails were also a treat. The staff were all incredibly professional and we loved chatting with them, listening to their story and all their travel tips for Serbia.

We dined most days and were delighted with every meal, the dishes were on another level, we thank the lovely chef for taking us on an adventurous and delicious food journey. The meat dishes were mouthwatering.

The breakfast is a la carte with a great selection of dishes to experience. We were very impressed and the serving portions will keep you satisfied well into the afternoon.

The location is just off the main street but still in the heart, so you are on the doorstep of the city. Definitely recommend Royal Putnik Hotel for your stay. It is simply the best hotel in Vranje.

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