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Sarnic Restaurant - Istanbul

Sarnic Restaurant - One visit

Wow! This restaurant is steeped in history located inside a 1500-year-old cistern. Sarnic was a perfect first dinner in Istanbul to begin the celebrations of our 15th wedding anniversary.

The pictures do not do it justice. You enter from a beautiful cobblestoned alley, Soğukçeşme Sokağı, which is a small street with historic houses in the Sultanahmet neighbourhood of Istanbul. Nothing will prepare you for the entrance down the grand staircase, large columns and domed roof, genuinely like the Titanic.

Impeccable service exceeded our expectations. Our waiters were very attentive, and the Chef visited us a few times and was loads of fun.

The very knowledgeable staff help you navigate a great list of local wines. Our first time experiencing Turkish wines, and the team expertly guided us on the best choices, were impressed.

Cocktails were heavenly, definitely a highlight in Istanbul to date. For those wishing to enjoy the incredible surroundings, the team welcomes you to enjoy a drink without dining.

The food was, without a doubt, amazing. We enjoyed our dining journey over the evening. It was great to sample a new cuisine after being in the Balkans for 18 months. We were surprised by a special dish that was part of the tradition during a circumcision ceremony. It was mixed meat and melon. We love experiencing new dishes and flavours.

The ambience of the restaurant was friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed meeting a lovely family at our neighbouring table, beautiful girls from Uganda celebrating a birthday.

Recommend visiting Sarnic fine dining for a night to remember.

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