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Stark Beauty of Geiranger

Updated: May 27

Norway is a place where you find yourself completely overwhelmed by your surroundings; think of majestic scenery enveloping you and filling your visionary senses with wonderment.

GEIRANGER, NORWAY This remote village in western Norway, at the head of Geirangerfjord, has a rapidly flowing waterfall as a centrepiece, with a rugged beauty that will leave you breathless.

You dock right in the heart of the village, with a very impressive pier and a floating walkway extending to the ship to eliminate the need to tender. You wander off easily, and the nearby cafes, restaurants, and shops will entice you with their warm and inviting designs.

You continue along the water's edge and capture the obligatory picture of the ship nestled amongst the mountains. After this, you are drawn by the roar to the centrepiece, the waterfall that runs through the village.

The infrastructure has been designed with travellers in mind, so you can experience the full falls as you make your way up the hill and around the village edge. This deposits you back in the heart to relax and soak up the views while savouring the local food and hospitality.

We found a stunning brasserie with our names on it and spent the afternoon devouring food and a sensational French wine, with overwhelming views, whilst pinching ourselves that we were finally in the fjords of Norway.

We were even gifted with F35s in training. The rush of the fighter jets flying by and weaving through the fjords was hard to describe.

Sail away during the late afternoon saw us navigate the Geirangerfjord; it felt like the entrance to a secret world protected by massive, snow-capped mountains on either side. Words fall short when trying to describe the epic beauty of Geiranger. Endless cascading waterfalls and emerald-green channels, a UNESCO World Heritage landmark named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet.

As we took in the beauty of the fjords, the ship ceased movement about half an hour from Geiranger. It pivoted for all to see and experience the magnificent waterfalls in one location whilst the ship completed two 360s in the middle of the channel waters. You have a backdrop of Adinibba, a historical landmark of a face structure within a rock face, followed by the Seven sisters and bridal veil falls. A day that leaves you breathless and a perfect ending indeed!

Our final Norwegian destination before we sail back to The Netherlands is Bergen, known as “the capital of the fjords.” We look forward to sharing more about this little gem soon.

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May 27

OH MY GOODNESS — what a trip. Just imagine the memories you have when you reach my age! Oh and it's Paul by the way.

Replying to

That is our whole goal: to create as many memories while creating as many smiles as possible.

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