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Tulum55 - Belgrade

TULUM55 - One visit

Tulum55 is the perfect bistro place to while the afternoon away whilst enjoying quality cocktails, people watching and a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere.

Definitely, a people-watching place that is great for the late afternoon listening to great tunes and bustling with locals.

If you are a cocktail lover and fancy an aviation, then this is the place for you.

A varied menu with a range of dishes from around the world. We opted for a pizza to soak up the cocktails, and it was excellent.

A fun menu full of quirky quotes to brighten up your day.

Tulum is a popular meeting spot for the locals, and we found it easy to spark up a conversation with fellow guests.

It is located on a cobblestone street, very elegant with a European feel, one of the prettiest streets in Belgrade.

The staff are very welcoming and very accommodating.

Tulum55 is a perfect place to enjoy your afternoon listening to tunes and devouring cocktails in a Hawaiian theme bistro.

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