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W Sushi - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

W Sushi - Five visits

W Sushi is a contemporary modern Japanese restaurant in the heart of the pedestrian street of Belgrade.

Upon arrival you can feel the warm energy amongst the team, they are so welcoming and kind, front and back of the house, work perfectly in sync to provide you with the best dining experience.

The restaurant is very stylish with high-quality furnishings and a contemporary design.

It boasts a wonderful outdoor dining space, perfect for enjoying the local atmosphere. On hot summer days, you are spoilt with outdoor air conditioning.

The cuisine is exceptional, and after dining over five times, each and every dish was amazing, you will be impressed by all the delicately prepared dishes. The pictures speak for themselves.

Not only do they have a great wine list, but if you opt for cocktails, they have all your favourites and more, served by immaculately dressed team members and the drinks are perfection.

The special dessert is truly a surprise and experience, thank you W Sushi for indulging our friends with this wonderful treat.

We highly recommend W Sushi for your Japanese fix in Belgrade, it is refreshing to have access to very high-quality Japanese cuisine in the Balkans.

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