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360 Istanbul - Istanbul

360 Istanbul - Two visits

360 Istanbul is located in İstiklal Avenue, moments from Taksim Square. The restaurant is set in a penthouse in a 19th-century apartment building spoiling you with 360 views over Istanbul and a close up of St Antoine's Church steeple.

On our first visit to Istanbul seven years ago, we had the most wonderful experience here, enjoying the food, exceptional wine and live dancers and singers.

Our second visit, unfortunately, did not live up to our first experience. It feels it is now trading on its name and location. It was disappointing to see the food standard and ambience slip. It needs some love to spark it back up, and decor spruce up is required. It was the same furniture from seven years ago and is tired and needs to be deep cleaned or replaced.

It doesn't know if it's a tourist venue or a quality dining experience. Without a dress code, expect to see the place full of tourists heading up for the magical sunset views, of course, and insta pics whilst sitting on their coffee. They are focused on TripAdvisor reviews, so you are encouraged to write one and mention the waiter's name, this never feels genuine.

The food, wine and cocktails didn't quite match the pricing, but once the service team warmed up to you and realised you were not just there for a drink, they were fantastic. Kudos to Mario, our waiter, for bringing smiles and laughter to our table.

Honestly, many more wonderful dining establishments with unstoppable views over Istanbul are more worthy of your money until they have decided to give it a facelift and refresh.

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