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Alice Cocktails & Coffee - Marmaris

Updated: May 10, 2022

Alice Marmaris - Two visits

Alice Cocktails & Coffee stands high amongst all the average bars and clubs in Marmaris, Turkey. The mixologists focus on quality over quantity and are passionate about ensuring you experience some simply great quality cocktails.

The team are so warm and friendly that we often stopped by late afternoon to enjoy a sundowner before the crowds came out. They are more than happy to push your boundaries or allow you to taste your classic cocktail (or with their specific twist),

We enjoyed all the little touches, like the small free nibbles quickly placed on your table before ordering your favourite cocktail.

There is nothing better than drinking a perfectly made cocktail, served in great glassware, made with premium spirits.

Most nights, they have a DJ, and Wayne enjoyed dancing with locals and creating new friendships. The bar is not a huge venue, so the team can focus on drinks and spending time with the guests.

Very reasonable pricing compared to some of the poor experiences we received from the other traditional club/bar venues.

Don't miss out on the fabulous cocktails, tunes and fun at Alice in Marmaris.

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