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Baba Cana Vodno - Skopje

Baba Cana Vodno - One visit

Beautiful traditional restaurant perched up on the hill overlooking Skopje.

Recommended by our local friend, we were really looking forward to catching up and enjoying traditional food.

The outdoor dining space in the garden was a true oasis, with the added bonus of air-conditioning to keep you comfortable.

Recommend to book, as this is a popular restaurant for private functions and amongst the locals.

We were fortunate to be dining during a birthday and were entertained by a four-piece band, which truly made the atmosphere magical.

We started out with a mixed platter and Shopska salad and ordered our slow-cooked mixed grill, which was going to take 50 minutes which was perfect. Unfortunately, 90 minutes later we were still waiting on this delicious dish and checked in with our new waiter (shifts had changed), and the order was forgotten.

We were very disappointed after ordering a special bottle of wine, to then find out our food was not going to arrive. After a 90 minute wait, we decided to skip the meal and headed to our favourite Mosh Bar to satisfy our appetites.

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