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Mosh - Skopje

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Our first lunch in Skopje was at Mosh Bar Food Apartments, a trendy supper club restaurant, a hidden oasis.

We were very impressed with the beautiful design and high-quality finishings.

It boasts a large outdoor dining area, which has been recently opened, along with a large indoor dining space.

First and foremost the cocktails and drinks were spot on and the food followed to match.

We enjoyed tacos and the most incredible Tagliata. We enjoyed our afternoon chatting away with the vibrant staff and were welcomed with open arms.

Mosh would be a great place to visit during the weekend evenings to experience the local vibe.

This wonderful bar-restaurant was the perfect introduction to the quality of dining and establishments in Skopje.

We returned to Mosh during the week, and we can't begin to express our gratitude for the kindness and generosity they showed us. A magical day, back at this fabulous establishment.

The food and drinks continued to the highest of quality, and the burgers are an absolute must, the meat was delightful!

It was wonderful to see all the staff and the warm welcome melted us! We also met a fellow Australian who works at Mosh, which was lovely!

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