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Restaurant Casablanca - Skopje

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Restaurant Casablanca - One visit

The restaurant you wish you had found earlier was one of the best in Macedonia, absolutely exceeded our expectations.

Our last lunch in Skopje and Macedonia ticked all our boxes, first and foremost air-conditioned to actually enjoy and relax over lunch, a reprieve from the hot scorching days, with a view of the Vardar River.

The staff was an absolute delight, very warm, friendly, and attentive. They were all full of enthusiasm.

The food was exceptional, with the wine to match. We started with a salad; it truly was the freshest we have experienced. It was followed by roast lamb and mouthwatering, definitely on par with Australian lamb, then Wiener veal schnitzel, which is also delicious.

We were overwhelmed to receive a glass of wine from the house, of the same wine we were drinking, which was our favourite and only available by the bottle.

Very comfortable dining, the furniture was designed for a perfect long lazy lunch or dinner, with beautiful glassware also.

We truly wish we had come across this fine dining gem much earlier on our arrival to Skopje to further enjoy culinary delights and comfort.

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