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Bacco e Venere - Casablanca

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Bacco e Venere - One Visit

Romantic and cozy authentic Italian restaurant serving excellent local wines and delicious nicely plated food in a hip area of Casablanca.

We enjoyed a late afternoon lunch as we stumbled across Bacco e Venere; it was pretty popular with the locals, so we were confident we had chosen a hotspot.

We were treated warmly upon entering, and they were accommodating as we requested a table of four.

The restaurant decor is charming and modern, with a wood fire oven that prepares authentic pizzas.

We enjoyed three courses and opted for pasta, which didn't disappoint, and we couldn't resist dessert, which was mouthwatering. Don't miss the tiramisu, all accompanied by fine local wines.

I was pleasantly surprised as we finished up to receive free sambuca shots from the team; it was a great experience overall. Families were dining with young children, so this restaurant is perfect for a romantic setting and a family celebration.

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