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Bar La'Moura - Rovinj

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Bar La'Moura - Four Visits

Of all the bars I visited, I think this bar has the best spirit collection in Rovinj.

Best time to visit is during sunset, as during the day it tends not to get a sea breeze, so in the warmer months it can get quite hot.

The sunsets are breathtaking, as the bar is high up on the peak in the old town. A perfect place for pre-dinner or post-dinner evening drinks.

A great selection of cocktails and quality drinks, also a hotspot with locals so has a very chilled vibe with great service.

If it's sweltering, sneak upstairs, same great view, however, it's air-conditioned.

Note there is no wifi available, so you are disconnected and can enjoy the magnificent views.

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