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Bela Kuka Hotel Bistro - Bitola

Bela Kuka Hotel Bistro - Three visits

A quaint restaurant part of a hotel, just a short walk from Shirok Sokak Street also known as the "White House".

Tucked away on a quiet street, a hidden little oasis, perfect for breakfast or lunch.

The staff are very friendly and welcoming, great wine list where we found a special bottle of red wine we were hunting for from Bovin winery, it definitely didn't disappoint.

Large menu with more wonderful food, fresh salads, and delicious meat, cooked to perfection.

We returned for breakfast over the weekend, and Wayne was very excited to receive his favourite bacon and eggs (for $3.85 AUD), the best bacon in Macedonia to date.

Recommend if you are looking for a comfortable, quirky, and well-priced restaurant.

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