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Best restaurants in Belgrade - Serbia

Updated: Jan 8

August saw us settle into Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. We found the most fabulous Airbnb that ticked all our boxes and decided to make it our home for six weeks.

We have fallen in love with Belgrade. It is the most vibrant and liveable city, exudes positive energy and is full of life. No surprises, dining is one of our favourite things to do when travelling; find us in a beautiful restaurant with fine wine instead of visiting all the tourist hotspots. We meet the most wonderful people and learn more about local life via chats.

We have experienced nearly 20 restaurants in Belgrade over the past few months and have been incredibly impressed with the dining scene.

We also enjoy sharing reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. These reviews help all the newcomers and locals find the next best restaurant, and we also love supporting local businesses while we travel. It truly warms our hearts to help them and reminds us of all the special moments we are so fortunate to experience during our travels.

For independent and unbiased reviews on all our dining experiences and favourite restaurants in Belgrade, some light reading and pictures are on our website,

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