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Brutal by Flower - Tirana

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Brutal by Flower - One Visit

The name of the restaurant truly reflects the experience of dining at this venue.

We had such high expectations for this restaurant, unfortunately, it just let us down.

Several reasons, from the brutal design (it just feels cold) to the rushed service where they don't listen to your requests and below par quality of the food (no reason to serve cold pasta).

While the owner was busy focusing on one of the other tables (let's be honest we're travelling during Covid, so no restaurants are busy).

Maybe we caught them on an off day, personally plenty of restaurants to dine in Tirana that has more focused on the quality of the food coming from the kitchen.

We love our long lunches; however, after being bundled within an hour, we certainly won't be coming back, which is a pity as the website's images showed a far different atmosphere and quality of service and food.

Sorry for the lack of photos, just nothing that made us want to take more photographs.

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