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Castle of Gjirokastra -Gjirokaster

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

A fun day exploring 'Castle Gjirokastra' a 12th-century fortress, very insightful learning about the experiences of living in a communist country, and eerie wandering through the cells and of course more wonderful views of Drino valley.

There is also a weapons museum, where you can even pick them up! A wonderful experience for 400 Albania Lek (ALL) converts to approximately 3 EUR and worth the additional 200 (ALL) to explore the museums.

Gjirokastër Castle is a fortress in Gjirokastër, Albania (during Ottoman rule, it was historically known as Ergiri while local Greeks referred to it as Argyrokastro, a name also applied to the castle.

Gjirokastër Castle is situated at the height of 336m above sea level and under protection from UNESCO.

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