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Horse riding in Albania - Permet

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Horse riding in Albania is the best horse ride we have experienced.

The morning starts with being picked up from the hotel in Përmet and then a beautiful 4x4 drive through the mountains towards Lengarica Canyon, which stretches across a length of 4 – 5 km, with a height of up to 150m. The Canyon is just past the Benjë thermal baths in the Fir of Hotova National Park. Providing you with a taste of the exciting adventure you are about to experience.

About 30 minutes from Përmet, you are mesmerised by the endless views and where the horses are tacked up and ready. Upon arrival, you get fitted with a safety hat and feed the horses bread as a special thank you for the ride ahead.

Seeing the horses in a natural environment with endless meadows to spend their days was lovely.

The horses were incredible, all extremely friendly and well-behaved. They were Albanian mountain horses, perfect in the rocky mountain terrain.

We opted for Intermediate riding, and the ride course they chose was ideal; it needed experience, which made it more exciting, and the horses were incredible with some of the tricky situations they needed to get through. You also ride through streams and along the edge of the Canyon.

The ride took you through the mountains for over 2 hours; the views were breathtaking!

We stopped halfway through to enjoy a break and were surprised with mulled wine and a snack; the holiday was on a landing at the peak of the Canyon; it was another world!

The guides, Avenir and Olsi, were so much fun and knowledgeable; they ensured you were safe at all times but also could have some fun; we enjoyed trotting and galloping to music while we took in the landscapes. They both made this a great day.

Upon arriving back, we experienced riding through a flock of sheep and goats with their shepherd, which was a perfect end to the most magical ride.

Highly recommend the riding experience; there is no better way to enjoy the Albanian landscape on the back of a horse; you will be talking about it for months.

Thank you so much to Avenir and Olsi for this lifetime memory opportunity. A great surprise is Avenir captures the complete experience and sends you pictures and videos for your memories.

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