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Dubravkin Put - Zagreb

Updated: Jan 16

Dubravkin Put - Two Visits

What a special privilege to enjoy a five-hour lunch (that wasn't a degustation) in the Michelin star restaurant in Zagreb.

Located in the Tuškanac forest, just a few minutes walk from the very centre of the city, Dubravkin Put is both a restaurant and a wine bar.

Its interior is warm and contemporary, while its terrace has a beautiful view of the park and forest.

Our sommelier took us on a fantastic journey of Croatian wines, from Champagne-style to Chablis. Here, we fell in love with Croatian wines from Istria.

The executive chef is Vedran Petranović, who creates two menu styles, one more traditional Croatian, while the other (which we elected) has more of a culinary journey around the Mediterranean.

The team were delightful, and we loved hearing all about the local hot spots.

We were pleasantly surprised when we received our bill five hours later, and we were looking forward to our next visit.

We loved the entire experience, as the location lends itself to kicking back post-lunch and enjoying some fantastic bespoke cocktails from their mixologist, Domagoj Skuliber.

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