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Glens Restaurant - Istanbul

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Glens Restaurant - Three visits

Glens Restaurant fast became a local hotspot for us; we stumbled on this beautiful dining establishment after visiting Istanbul Dental Center as we needed a refreshing cocktail.

Glens was a perfect choice; we intended on a quick drink, but a few hours later, we had thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Italian style dishes and sashimi from Chef Murat Taşdemir, including sampling some fantastic Turkish wines. The cocktails were also excellent, very authentic and mixed to perfection.

Beautiful indoor and outdoor dining space, funky decor and the staff are all friendly and welcoming.

We chose Glens a few days later for our Friday lazy lunch. After a 7-hour session, enjoying the fun atmosphere and a few bottles of our new favourite Turkish wine, Chamlija, we are yet to be disappointed by their magnificent range of wines.

The food was equally impressive, each dish was immaculately prepared, bursting with flavour and divine.

We had too much fun working our way through the cocktail menu, watching the world and the day pass us by.

The food is exceptional, and we enjoyed meeting the chef and devouring all his mouthwatering dishes from starters to dessert. The desserts were magnificent too!

Glens is located in the trendy and upscale neighbourhood of Nisantasi, Istanbul part of the luxury lifestyle hotel Glens Palas Istanbul. An ideal spot to stop off after a day of shopping.

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