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La Taqueria - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

La Taqueria - Two visits

The most authentic Mexican food we have ever experienced whilst travelling the world* a place where you embrace the slow food movement.

The restaurant is nestled on a corner of a cobblestone laneway, adjacent to a beautiful historic building, 'The Visitor Centre of the National Bank of Serbia', which spoils you with lovely views and a peaceful atmosphere.

The food was very fresh, clean, high-quality with no extra fuss, and delicious.

The bar staff were definitely generous with their spirit pours in the cocktails. You won't be disappointed; they definitely woke you up and kept you wanting more.

The menu mentions no Tex Mex; if you are new to this term, as we were, it refers to 'Tex-Mex cuisine is an American and Texan cuisine that derives from the culinary creations of the Tejano people of Texas'.

The staff are very enthusiastic, with beautiful personalities and fun to spend the afternoon with bantering.

Not only is La Taqueria a perfect restaurant to enjoy a long lazy lunch, but also the perfect spot to share with friends, people watch or an ideal spot to spend the morning or afternoon catching up on work; laptops are welcome too.

La Taqueria is not your typical Mexican restaurant design. It is very stylish and quirky. They have definitely taken Mexican dining to a new level, one that you will be impressed by.

* Outside of Mexico, which we are yet to experience.

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