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Landing on a glacier in Alaska

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Temsco Helicopters - Juneau, Alaska

How do you select the best with so many helicopter flights offered in Juneau?

With two different glacier landings and the pilot as your guide, this gave us the best value for money. Thank you, Celebrity Cruises, for having this once-in-a-lifetime experience on your excursion list.

The tour includes approximately 50 minutes of helicopter flying time and two separate landings of roughly 15 minutes each. The total tour duration is about 80 minutes. Allow up to 45 minutes for return transportation from where your ship docks and the safety briefing.

After arriving at the heliport, you will be outfitted in glacier boots and given a safety briefing by the friendly tour attendant; thank you, Parrish.

The pilot will choose two other glacier landings among the 36 named glaciers stretched across 1,500 square miles of the Juneau Icefield; a few landing possibilities include the Herbert, Taku, Norris, Gilkey, and Hole in the Wall or the famous Mendenhall Glacier.

Most other tours provide a brief view of the lower glaciers and a shorter flight time with no landings on the glaciers. Therefore, the Pilots Choice is the best.

The flight takes you over ice spires, deep blue crevasses, meltwater pools, beautiful glaciers and mesmerising views of the beautiful Alaskan terrain.


With approximately 50 minutes of helicopter time, you have plenty of opportunities to take in views of steep alpine ridges, lush rainforest, and the incredible glaciers below.

Our Temsco Helicopters pilot Josiah was incredible, and we landed on two different glaciers and had the opportunity to spend time walking around Herbert and Mendenhall glaciers.

Josiah kept us excitedly on the edge of our seats as he expertly manoeuvred the aircraft safely between cols in the mountains and landed neatly alongside a crevasse on the glacier. It was thrilling and definitely one of the most amazing experiences we have had flying. Thank you, Josiah.

The colours of the glaciers were gorgeous, and the spectacular mountain ranges were a sight to see. Josiah will also keep you posted on all the wildlife below and the eagles soaring above.

It was a magical morning, an experience we never thought possible, and you will have a bounce in your step for the rest of the day.

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