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Legend Band - Turkey

Legend Band - Three gigs

We became the legend band groupies; they truly light up the room with their energy and musical talents.

This high energy band plays English and Turkish tunes, all with the power and energy to get everyone up and dance.

The group comprises six members, including a trumpet player, each member is full of personality and talent. Victoria, the lead singer and the band members are all in tune with each other, and they have lots of fun playing together.

We enjoyed sitting back and enjoying the songs and hanging out with the band members.

If you get the chance, make sure you see them perform at Lucky's Club at Unique Life Style Hotel, where they are the resident band and play Tuesday and Saturday evenings at 9.30pm, be sure to book as Lucky's Club gets sold out.

Visit Legend Band on Instagram to stay updated with where they are next playing, all along the coastline around Kusadasi/Bodrum.

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