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Liman Restaurant - Adalar

Liman Restaurant - Two visits

Liman restaurant in Adalar has a great atmosphere, lovely decor and design, great views, and is perfect for people watching.

Less of a tourist trap, a hotspot for locals and if you are fortunate to stay overnight, be sure to enjoy the evening live entertainment, a great vibe and energy. The live entertainment was excellent.

Expect attentive service from the fabulous team. The team are full of fun, energy and personality.

The food was exceptional, traditional fish and steak restaurant, prepared and cooked with care and consistency, after dining for dinner and lunch in 24 hours.

The fresh fish was also very popular, so you won't be disappointed if you are a fan.

Impressive classic cocktails and a great selection of Turkish wines are also available. Liman is a top choice in Adalar.

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